The Joy of Completion

#tbt (well it’s not Thursday anymore, point just the same)

Old habits diehard, but I can’t expect those same habits to open new doors either. I’m slowly accomplishing all the projects I have started & the simple quote holds true “There is joy in completion.” I keep that in the forefront of my mind whenever I get the urge to drop something & start a new project.

I have definitely taken necessary steps to ensure my Self-ccarries a priority in life and I’m starting to shed what doesnt work and unhealthy. Little bit of motivation that’s helping me along the way.

2017 Menswear

Hey peeps, happy 2017 to all.                                                                                                                 how has everyone been doing? …. I’ve been putting forth such a strong effort to being committed to my goal and “staying in action” of accomplishing goals.

I wanted to tackle menswear for the longest…. So I did just that!

slaving away on creating the pattern pieces

I made my Menswear debut in a tailored single breasted blazer with double welt pockets, breast pocket, two piece sleeves, lining, complete with lapel and collar.15967176_10101621145693227_276405023_o15942883_10101621066736457_926944746_o15942913_10101621067804317_445071363_o15942983_10101621067440047_355666747_o

My first Menswear piece Pattern and sewing all done by me 😊                                                   I couldn’t be any happier or more proud of my hard work and dedication.

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🎉🎉2016: Time to Believe 🎨🎉🎉

What 2015 has taught me is to believe in my abilities more. I have always lived by the saying….


Which I do on a regular basis. Except when it comes to my art, I honestly come down a lot harder on myself than I should. I get fixated on the result I wish to achieve and than what I produce. & 9:10 I am not over the moon about it.

So I’m learning to look back at what I create not to be as critical and harsh, but to revisit this journey I’m on to become a better artist. Take pride in the level I’ve reached now, and with faith & excitement I’ll get to that goal. {& with a lot of consistency & patience too}.

I was working on doing some shading with color pencil. On my first attempt using the Harshing & Cross Harshing technique, I honestly didn’t know what was what. And it showed 😂😂😂

Although it looks like a replica of one of my nieces & nephews work, I should find just as much pride & carry on. & that I did. May not look like much, but it looks a whole lot like progression to me 😄😊




So for 2016 I’m going to be do away with the negative habit of self doubt, believe in every once & fiber of my being. And focus more on my passion & craft.

2016, I’m ready 😄😊

Thank you for stopping by, & HAPPY NEW YEAR 🎉🎉
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Kuba Love 😍😍

Stumbled on these gems 😍😍😍 both are made out of Kuba cloth. The Kuba people adorn their garments with shells which is their currency. Kuba Kingdom is located in Central Africa, bordering Dem. Republic of the Congo.


& the cape doubles as a skirt, this deal just gets better & better 😄

I love gaining insight through experience,  especially when I’m learning through fashion. I am over the moon about these eclectic pieces. The fact that it encourages me to dive in & take a clearer look. I want to learn what’s the symbolism for the position of all the arrows, diamonds, fine lines etc. I want to research, learn about it all.

My excitement at this point is apparent. & whatever I find I sure will share with everyone

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Its CARNIVAL!!!! :)😄


Carnival time, time to play ah mas, wuk &whine. Finished my mas boots just in time too. Can’t wait to be chipping down the road in full costume. {Mas is nothing without feathers & proper footwear ;)}


How it all started, 12 hours ago…



When the hot sun hits these babies are going to glisten, sparkle & shine. Wouldn’t have it any other way :)😄

Have a wonderful Labor Day everyone.
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Transformation Tuesday

Been a long time coming, feel so happy with how this one came out. Not only with the result but the process of progression, I’m thrilled!! For the longest this was how I left it….


Far from complete, she just sat there. full of potential & stuck. Reminding me of while ME. Its crazy how art imitates life, & life imitates art. {I never even realized just how close to home my creative process has hit.}

So after feeling stuck in this rut, I decided to pick myself up again and get to it. I took the necessary time with each & every aspect, looked up techniques online. YouTube was definitely my Savior 🙌🙌


Eye 1


Eye 2.
Once I felt good about my eye & lip options, I redid them one more time.


The hair on the other hand, was quite the challenge. Worked on it for 2 days alone, went over it about 4 times.


Hair after the 3 time of trying to get it right.


& this is my final product, love how natural it seems to flow and am just all around elated by everything. It has really been a labor of love. So glad to be breaking bad habits of starting but not finishing. Looking forward to developing this into a pattern moving forward.

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