Small victories 🎉🎉🎉

I always have to remind myself that all my accomplishment; big, small, and everything in between is worth celebrating.

With that being said; I recently created a cropped bustier top. With Sweetheart neckline, princess panel, criss-cross straps in the back reinforced, boning. I was just so happy with the way it turned out I had to put it on & snap a few photos.

Im still up in the air about the skirt. But taking a moment to pat myself on the back for this one 😊

As always; Peace & Love,

✌🏾& 💗

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Chronicles of Fashion Design

Slower but surely overcoming those obstacles of patternmaking.

Guess this would be the opportune time for me to attempt to define the fashion terminology of patternmaking. The process of manipulating the pattern paper from a one dimensional to two dimensional shapes. Durning the patternmaking process we create Drafts; which correspond with measurements from dress forms/models, these are the basic foundation. Next there’s the Flat Patterns, this is where the manipulation takes place; through slash, spread and the pivot techniques. The patterns that are manipulated become the Working Patterns and are the bases of the design.

My relationship with patternmaking has always been one of loathe and frustration, but necessary for my fashion design process. Now looking back at it, the negative feelings of frustration towards patternmaking was due to literally tripping over my own lines. It was a never ending battle with paper, tracing over my slopers. I rarely would ever get the shapes right, I guess its because I was more comfortable with draping. When I drape I get a better feel for the creation of the garments, providing me with a clearer picture of how everything will turn out.

That was what patternmaking was like back than; now its great, signs of improvement. I’m still anxious about how the fit of garments will turn out. Maybe my meditation has all my patternmaking chakras a line,:)😄 Lol. Who knows, maybe patternmaking will be my new thing…. 💭

Ankara Inspiration

This is an example of the pair of pants I’m currently creating the pattern for. Its a pair of slacks with a peplum at the waist, but mine will have a little twist…..

Oooo the JOYS of Fashion Design :)😄😄😜:)
                 Peace & Love ya’ll