2017 Menswear

Hey peeps, happy 2017 to all.                                                                                                                 how has everyone been doing? …. I’ve been putting forth such a strong effort to being committed to my goal and “staying in action” of accomplishing goals.

I wanted to tackle menswear for the longest…. So I did just that!

slaving away on creating the pattern pieces

I made my Menswear debut in a tailored single breasted blazer with double welt pockets, breast pocket, two piece sleeves, lining, complete with lapel and collar.15967176_10101621145693227_276405023_o15942883_10101621066736457_926944746_o15942913_10101621067804317_445071363_o15942983_10101621067440047_355666747_o

My first Menswear piece Pattern and sewing all done by me 😊                                                   I couldn’t be any happier or more proud of my hard work and dedication.

Thanks for stopping by, Peace & Love

First bag 😄:)

So I made a bag, 👜

My first attempt at a tote & it came out great. I honestly was afraid it might have came out looking like somebody’s grandma couch…. I’m so elated that’s not the case. 😄:)😄


Straps handles are 12 inches


I used a Teal colored Taffeta for the lining.


Completed with a 9 inch, close, metal teal zipper. The pocket is 9 inches wide and about 6 inches deep.


This tote is 15 inches tall, 16 1/2 wide. With 2″ wide straps that are a foot long. As well as an inner 9″ pocket paired with a zipper closure.

As always thanks for stopping by;
                  Peace & Love 
                        ✌&💗 Peeps