The Joy of Completion

#tbt (well it’s not Thursday anymore, point just the same)

Old habits diehard, but I can’t expect those same habits to open new doors either. I’m slowly accomplishing all the projects I have started & the simple quote holds true “There is joy in completion.” I keep that in the forefront of my mind whenever I get the urge to drop something & start a new project.

I have definitely taken necessary steps to ensure my Self-ccarries a priority in life and I’m starting to shed what doesnt work and unhealthy. Little bit of motivation that’s helping me along the way.

Personal Endeavors to be GREAT 💪💪

One thing that’s apparent in this video is, every professional has found themselves in this Cutie’s shoes at one time or another. No one became great without having the courage to suck but kept the hard work & faith high knowing they’ll become better.

Which is exactly what I’m going through. I’m working on my first gown. & the hiccups, run around, and mistakes are helping mold the learning experience. That’s what I’m telling myself, I changed my narrative. The way I approach my creative process. By doing so, it’s not a daunting, frustrating task. Now its only a matter of working on speeding up a bit, but that will come in due time.

We are all like/{have been like} this mini ballerina in her endeavors to be great. So let’s all work towards our very own greatness through Diligence, Hard Work, & Faith

Peace & Love
     & 💗

Sweet 2016 🍨🍬🍭


As its the start of the new year, we have a tendency to view it as a starting page 1 in a new book. A fresh start, “New year, new me” mentality.

I view it as not a brand new start, but time to reevaluate. What worked the months prior on getting me closer to my goals. And makes adjustments where necessary. The beginning of anything can be difficult, especially when it comes to changing habits. Its way to easy to find myself in cruise control of old habits that didn’t really get me anywhere. Whether it be from procrastination, feeling unmotivated, what have you. I usually go the route I find comfortable because that’s what I know.

So since it definitely is time to shake things up a bit. Stepping out my comfort zone & staying out, more like kicking myself out where I’m the most comfy. Its unnerving & I know I’m going to be miserable {especially in the beginning}. But it has to happen, on the road to become a better me, it won’t be easy but it’ll definitely be worth it.

Here’s to making 2016 sweet 🍨🍬🍭
Thanks for stopping by
✌ & 💗
Peace & Love

Let your passion out weigh your fear💗


With that being said, I really do love fashion illustration. Something about filling that blank page with colorful ideas; expression, curvey dancing lines. All based on designs that’ll come to life in the near future. This fills me with so much joy and excited eagerness to follow through to finish. But at the same time I’m stuck at a stand still worried that my next move won’t be my best move.

Im petrified that through my experiment process I’ll completely ruin things. So I literally freeze & don’t bother. This, {I’m starting to realize} does nothing but add to my procrastination, and lack of time management.

Im currently working on my fear of ruining things and just trust the “Live & Learn” theory. Got to trust myself more, remember its fun and enjoyable. & that’s the beauty of art


& I for one have created a lot of “Birds” :)🐦🐥🐧 RIP the legendary Bob Ross.


I honestly don’t even know why I’ve been such a punk, its still a work in progress but its finally in motion of completing phase 1. Best part of inspiration aside from getting struck and excited is actually finishing :)😄😄💗 & I’m getting closer to that goal.


So let’s REDEFINE FEAR & get things done. Bulldoze through that shit #TeamGoGetter :).

As always thanks so much for stopping by,

Peace & Love
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Why Do You Write?

I stumbled upon this really cool post, and am wondering the same; What makes you create/write?

I originally started blogging as a platform to stay motivated through the creative process. I wanted to see each project through, {do some serious improving on my time management skills. Which Sucks!!} document my experiences, & gain insight through people I connect with.

But, now I feel like I’m hitting a wall as far as finding my voice & the bases of what House Of Goal is. Idk, maybe all of this is very timely with this phase of my life. I don’t want my blog to be super personal divulging intimate details {not that there’s anything wrong if that’s your preference} I would like to improve on being an active blogger. Mainly stay on track with my various goals. I may not execute them as I have envisioned but as long as I’m giving it my all and continue to peruse my dreams I’ll definitely be happy. Giving my best & nothing less!!

….. So to answer the question I create to express myself, push & improve my skills.

Work In Progress


Not where I want to be, but thankful I’m not were I was. 🙌🙌🙌 Did some minor tweaking to the girls, still have to add color to their clothes….. Have every intention on seeing this through.
Especially after hanging out with my nieces & nephews the other day. I realized just how much they look up to me, in all honest I want to be a great role model for them. One who finishes all that I start, & trys my best through it all.

OK now back to these sketches, I used PrismaColor markers & color pencils. Mainly “cool grey 40%” for the shadowing.

Breakfast of Champs; Frogs, ✋ Hold the Procrastination

If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. And If it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first.

-Mark Twain

Today my Professor shared some insight one of his favorite quotes, what i get out of this….. everybody has sucky aspects of their job/ day/ life. NOTHING MAKES YOU EXEMPT TO THIS, no way around it. Get to chucking those frogs back, and procrastination just makes it worst. So just get it over with.

Reading the New York Times the other day, i stumbled across an article that inspired me. Being that I’m on a mission to drop these horrific procrastination ways. The first entitled “If You Want to Meet That Deadline, Play a Trick on Your Mind” by Phyllis Korkki {} She made a few good points, first beginning, with the beginning. The toughest part of any task; is always to start. My mind usually wonders and transforms the task into a monstrosity the size of the Great Wall of China. That I wouldnt have the slightest inclination to dethrone. I would just let it sit there, & get higher and higher.

Good news there are tips for my fellow procrastinators. Mainly Manipulate our perception of Time but how?
Yanpin Tu, a Ph.D candidate at Booth School of Business @ the University of Chicago and Dilip Soman a marketing professor at Rotman School of Management @ the University of Toronto conducted a study with farmers in India. Divided the farmers in two groups, told them save as much money as possible in a bank account. One group’s time period was between June and Dec., the other from July to Jan. of the following yr. Farmers with the December deadline immediately opened their accounts because the deadline was viewed more as the present. Same results with undergrad & MBA students in the U.S

A different study showed people were more likely to start a task if the deadline was within that month, or the one to follow.

Tip #2; Color Code your Calendar.
Pick one color for the certain amount of days leading up to your deadline. From the start day to the last and all days throughout…… Guess it shows each day has the same urgency & everyday counts.
This technique will be new to me, with incorporating a calendar & staying on top of things. Time for my procrastination to kick rocks.

take it one day at a time, little by little. Try setting shorter term goals that are aligned with the grandiose plan. Might not meet the mark today, but you’ll inch closer to landing it tomorrow.

Soon as I get up ill be chomping down those frogs, making room for whatever else may lay ahead of me.
So, bottoms up

Hope this helps you all as well, let’s knock out those goals
& as always

✌ & 💗
Peace & Love Peeps

Giving the old Bad Habits a rest

As the sun sets on 2014 some things I’ve been struggling with to switch up is my procrastination, lord knows my lack of time management is the works of 👹 devil 😂. And self-doubt, im not as bad with it compared to me being a procrastinator. People tell me “I work well under pressure” they must mean the end result, cause the process is torture. So why give myself more added on stress. {Procrastination At Its Finest}


Another thing I definitely want to leave behind in 2014 is the inconsistency in my work with blog. Between school and all its work, side projects…… I need to stop making excuses. Like Nike says, JUST DO IT!  Guess this post applies to me in more ways than one. I can pretty much relate to all things listed.

I have started living by my mantra;


No more excuses, just results. Lord willing of course

I Wishing everyone nothing but GREATNESS, SUCCESS & PURE POSITIVITY into 2015 & beyond

              ✌ & 💗. 
     Peace and Love peeps