Draping Horrors 😱😱

After having such a huge “step back” {which felt more like the ultimate setback}, with draping these pants. I was so frustrated and over everything.

In class, i got up to the part of changing the dart into a yoke & decided to put the front & back of the pants leg together before clipping the back to attach the yoke….. & That. Was. When. Disaster Hit {pause for dramatic effect}

Before I even put the pant on the dress form, the side seam of the front was going up as the back layed straight. I initially thought there may have been an error due to me rushing, so I decided to undo it & assemble it on the form. {Didn’t get any better} in fact, it got worst!! The grains {Grains= the threads of the fabric} were pulling every direction, fabric wasn’t laying flat & was extremely tight. {I’m making tapered pants}.

It was a complete mess. I know you must be thinking why didn’t I take a picture, would be a lot easier to explain…. Which definitely is true, but I was so flustered & aggravated I took the whole thing off and left. Was so bummed nothing added up & would have to start the whole thing over. I was PISSED 😈.

So that was yesterday, {brighter days} Today 🌞. I prepared the muslin, took my time {more like the appropriate time, this is due on Tues. After all 😂} & proceeded to drape. Figuring out where I went wrong which was pulling both sides of the fabric against the form. Instead of gently gliding my hand to feel for the side seams.

Today’s progress is so much better & I feel a lot better about the pants. Have a deeper understanding of tapered, skinny jeans & pants as a whole.


& believe me I have enough horrors with pants to fill up a trilogy set of novels, cover to cover.
So glad I stuck with it, didn’t give up & learned so much through my experience.

As always thanks for stopping
Peace & Love ya’ll
     ✌ & 💗

Let your passion out weigh your fear💗


With that being said, I really do love fashion illustration. Something about filling that blank page with colorful ideas; expression, curvey dancing lines. All based on designs that’ll come to life in the near future. This fills me with so much joy and excited eagerness to follow through to finish. But at the same time I’m stuck at a stand still worried that my next move won’t be my best move.

Im petrified that through my experiment process I’ll completely ruin things. So I literally freeze & don’t bother. This, {I’m starting to realize} does nothing but add to my procrastination, and lack of time management.

Im currently working on my fear of ruining things and just trust the “Live & Learn” theory. Got to trust myself more, remember its fun and enjoyable. & that’s the beauty of art


& I for one have created a lot of “Birds” :)🐦🐥🐧 RIP the legendary Bob Ross.


I honestly don’t even know why I’ve been such a punk, its still a work in progress but its finally in motion of completing phase 1. Best part of inspiration aside from getting struck and excited is actually finishing :)😄😄💗 & I’m getting closer to that goal.


So let’s REDEFINE FEAR & get things done. Bulldoze through that shit #TeamGoGetter :).

As always thanks so much for stopping by,

Peace & Love
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Work In Progress


Not where I want to be, but thankful I’m not were I was. 🙌🙌🙌 Did some minor tweaking to the girls, still have to add color to their clothes….. Have every intention on seeing this through.
Especially after hanging out with my nieces & nephews the other day. I realized just how much they look up to me, in all honest I want to be a great role model for them. One who finishes all that I start, & trys my best through it all.

OK now back to these sketches, I used PrismaColor markers & color pencils. Mainly “cool grey 40%” for the shadowing.

Giving the old Bad Habits a rest

As the sun sets on 2014 some things I’ve been struggling with to switch up is my procrastination, lord knows my lack of time management is the works of 👹 devil 😂. And self-doubt, im not as bad with it compared to me being a procrastinator. People tell me “I work well under pressure” they must mean the end result, cause the process is torture. So why give myself more added on stress. {Procrastination At Its Finest}


Another thing I definitely want to leave behind in 2014 is the inconsistency in my work with blog. Between school and all its work, side projects…… I need to stop making excuses. Like Nike says, JUST DO IT!  Guess this post applies to me in more ways than one. I can pretty much relate to all things listed.

I have started living by my mantra;


No more excuses, just results. Lord willing of course

I Wishing everyone nothing but GREATNESS, SUCCESS & PURE POSITIVITY into 2015 & beyond

              ✌ & 💗. 
     Peace and Love peeps

Halloween; Showing my True Unicorn Form

Just your average everyday Unicorn 👀😜😜

Just your average everyday Unicorn 👀😜😜. For Halloween this year I decided to shed my human suit & but in decked out in my full Fabulous Unicorn self.
I decided to create a 2 layer, 9 panel corset, including a layer of boning. Out of white Silk


Aside from the trim, I wanted to add more embellishment. So I added stones along with the trim


My original plan was to have purple and blue stones added, since I would have feathers in my hair.


I was going to add these stones all over, front & back. Have it complement the trim without competing with the trim. I just felt as if the blue wasnt the proper color to add. At least, not alone….


For my bottoms I decided to create boy shorts, this picture is before I added the 1″waistband & tail.


Finished product back.


Finished product, Corset complete with boy shorts, tail & of course what would a unicorn be with her horn?!!?

All together this costume took about 20hrs from start to finish. Wasn’t able to
execute everything as planned, but I’m thrilled with the turn out nevertheless. 😄😄:)
Happy Halloween!!!


     As always,
Peace & Love ya’ll
     ✌ &💗