“Neatly” participating in trial and error

Still continuing the progress, I’m working to improve shading with color pencil. In all honesty I didn’t have much of a clue what I was doing at first…


I knew I wanted to work on creating a Cypress tree {May be hard to tell by the looks of things however, lol}. I started with a light French grey for shadow. Than thought maybe if I just create lines & dashes to fill out the subject it’ll improve. I mean inorder to create a work of art, it all starts from a dot/line. At least that’s how I see it {perhaps I’m wrong….}


I than decided to adapt some of the hatch & cross hatching technique. Layering a few greens & charcoal color mixed with brown. I was feeling better about the direction but I knew I didn’t reach the destination. So very eager, I continued the process.


Once the tree’s base was filled in, I just noticed it was too green. Cypress trees in the swamp are covered in algae,yes. But my image -for lack of better wording, just wasn’t it.


& this is where I am currently, I need to create more branches. While continuing to work on the shadow of the crevasses.

I’m proud of my persistence, didn’t get discouraged. I saw I could fix things and bring it all together. I feel confident that I’m finally headed in the right direction. Going to thoroughly enjoy the ride as I become a better artist.

Thanks for stopping bye
Peace & Love
      ✌ & 💗

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