Presentation Prep. Collection I

Presentation prep.


Gearing up for my presentation later this week. I’m showing illustrations for a collection. & the biggest huddle is color rendering. The print fabric is satin, & probably the biggest challenge is doing the appreciate downsize of the print.

I’m using mix media on each girl. The first croquis is primarily marker.
Her hair however is color pencil. Its a bit rougher than usual because I haven’t work in marker for some time.

The original was fully in color pencil, but I got the sense of moody & sad.
& decided to scape this image & keep the marker.
My second image is a halter top with a key hole cut out, & slack made from the print. For her face I switched it up & used ink. I am a lot more pleased with using the fineness of the ink to capture the facial details. I always used ink on some of the braided bun of the hair
For both the 2nd & 3rd image I used color pencil & ink for the face. Its a work in progress but I’m really loving the results. Feel really confident about this one πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜„

Thanks for stopping by

Peace & Love
✌ & πŸ’—
Have a great day 😊

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