Natural Hair is So “Unprofessional” -Excuse you WHA?!?? πŸ’

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So glad we’re speaking on it. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Way too often we aren’t seen as “ideal candidates” based primarily on the appearance of our hair. Being deemed as unprofessional I still am perplexed about what my fro has to do being able to do my job.

As a pharmacy technician, the pharmacist would say my curls were a distraction & weren’t professional. Which was odd cause our customers loved my hair & would receive several complements daily. What my hair had to do with processing prescriptions, I could never answer. Aside from it being hate & an unjust bias. Because when other girls would come in with their curls laying down more against their backs; nothing, No complaints.

My hair is anything but unkept & “unprofessional” you unethical bitch. I wish anyone step to me with that type of nonsense. {#LetaBitchTryMe} my natural hair has nothing to do with my work ethic, duty capabilities, & job performance. Why should we have to hide the true essence of who we are to conform to a standard we don’t fit in, {square peg in circle complex}. & I’m not referring to showing up to your work place in sweats & a tank top or tight mini skirt…..

-Signed Naturalista working to change Natural Hair deemed acceptable in the workplace πŸ’


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2 thoughts on “Natural Hair is So “Unprofessional” -Excuse you WHA?!?? πŸ’

  1. AfroMum

    I never got that from work places, I guess it’s because I work in the charity sector. On the other hand, I had sum relatives tell how my locks would be an issue when looking for jobs and how people have preconceived views on it. In my head, I was like, I am not responsible for what they think, and if anyone dare to judge me negatively just by the sight of my hair, then they are shallow minded and I would not be interested in them!

    1. That’s the right attitude to have, if someone is judging a person based on the natural texture of their hair. & not their character nor the content of their heart brings up nothing but red flags. I definitely have no room in my world for their negativity.

      Hopefully I won’t experience this again moving forward in the fashion industry. You are so fortunate & hope you never experience this type of unjust bias at work. I also sincerely hope that as time go by the world will learn to accept our natural roots in all forms.

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