Transformation Tuesday

Been a long time coming, feel so happy with how this one came out. Not only with the result but the process of progression, I’m thrilled!! For the longest this was how I left it….


Far from complete, she just sat there. full of potential & stuck. Reminding me of while ME. Its crazy how art imitates life, & life imitates art. {I never even realized just how close to home my creative process has hit.}

So after feeling stuck in this rut, I decided to pick myself up again and get to it. I took the necessary time with each & every aspect, looked up techniques online. YouTube was definitely my Savior 🙌🙌


Eye 1


Eye 2.
Once I felt good about my eye & lip options, I redid them one more time.


The hair on the other hand, was quite the challenge. Worked on it for 2 days alone, went over it about 4 times.


Hair after the 3 time of trying to get it right.


& this is my final product, love how natural it seems to flow and am just all around elated by everything. It has really been a labor of love. So glad to be breaking bad habits of starting but not finishing. Looking forward to developing this into a pattern moving forward.

As always Peace & Love,
                       😄 & 💗
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Working through “The Gap”

I came across this video yrs ago, but only recently gave it another look & finally decided to put it into practice.

IRA Glass
The Gap

Know I took quite the hiatus, & havent been active. I just didn’t know how to get back in the swing of things. So Im just going to dive right in, using faith & inspiration as my oxygen tank. I’m diving deep 😄
So let’s get those goals, knock them out one by one and enjoy the lessons along the way.

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