Giving the old Bad Habits a rest

As the sun sets on 2014 some things I’ve been struggling with to switch up is my procrastination, lord knows my lack of time management is the works of 👹 devil 😂. And self-doubt, im not as bad with it compared to me being a procrastinator. People tell me “I work well under pressure” they must mean the end result, cause the process is torture. So why give myself more added on stress. {Procrastination At Its Finest}


Another thing I definitely want to leave behind in 2014 is the inconsistency in my work with blog. Between school and all its work, side projects…… I need to stop making excuses. Like Nike says, JUST DO IT!  Guess this post applies to me in more ways than one. I can pretty much relate to all things listed.

I have started living by my mantra;


No more excuses, just results. Lord willing of course

I Wishing everyone nothing but GREATNESS, SUCCESS & PURE POSITIVITY into 2015 & beyond

              ✌ & 💗. 
     Peace and Love peeps