Halloween; Showing my True Unicorn Form

Just your average everyday Unicorn 👀😜😜

Just your average everyday Unicorn 👀😜😜. For Halloween this year I decided to shed my human suit & but in decked out in my full Fabulous Unicorn self.
I decided to create a 2 layer, 9 panel corset, including a layer of boning. Out of white Silk


Aside from the trim, I wanted to add more embellishment. So I added stones along with the trim


My original plan was to have purple and blue stones added, since I would have feathers in my hair.


I was going to add these stones all over, front & back. Have it complement the trim without competing with the trim. I just felt as if the blue wasnt the proper color to add. At least, not alone….


For my bottoms I decided to create boy shorts, this picture is before I added the 1″waistband & tail.


Finished product back.


Finished product, Corset complete with boy shorts, tail & of course what would a unicorn be with her horn?!!?

All together this costume took about 20hrs from start to finish. Wasn’t able to
execute everything as planned, but I’m thrilled with the turn out nevertheless. 😄😄:)
Happy Halloween!!!


     As always,
Peace & Love ya’ll
     ✌ &💗

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