Labor Day fun :)😄

This yr for labor day I just planned for the day to just pass by. About a week or so to the day; I got hit by that labor day bug. A little late in the game, but just as festive than ever.

So I decided to create a Jamaican flag bandu. A sweetheart neckline, with 3 straps on each side. & two elastic strips running along the back. Only thing,  getting all those angles aligned was a headache.


This was my top in the process of being constructed. Before I added straps & the elastic in the back. My main concern at this point was getting everything even out. Creating the perfect mirror image.


Finished product, I was very thrilled with the outcome. (I customized the boots as well).


Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday, I had a BLAST!!!!

                 Peace and love ya’ll
                      ✌ & 💗💋,

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