Welcome to House Of Goal

Hello, Im Shana A. I love to laugh, have fun, and enjoy all aspects of life. Im all about finding my purpose and continuing the journey of living my best life. Im lead by my passion of art and fashion. My love of fashion runs deep, down to the fiber of my essence. Im enthralled by bold color, captivated by neat, clean lines of tailoring. Through time & energy dedicated to craftsmanship, its truly a labor of love.

House Of Goal is the inner sanctuary, living quarters of an imaginative soul. If you can Dream it, you can BE IT. Its as big & broad of ones creativity: limitless, knowing no boundaries. In a nutshell where all things shall be accomplished through hard work and dedication. I use this platform to feature various garments I am working on. As well as my latest endeavors= my goals!

Im rooted to my true love, Fashion. Following my dreams, converting them into Goals. Working hard til they’re achieved one by one.

Thanks for stopping by, Peace & Love
✌🏾 & 💗
Shana A.




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